Nov 222011

It is hard for me to write as my brain keeps getting stuck. I hear something and have to repeat it lots and can’t stop it. I am also having problems trying to translate stuff into proper English with proper grammar.

Not sure why I am having a brain stuck day, just that I am. I will sleep soon and see if that helps.

Today I managed to rename my main character in World of Warcraft, from Danní to Danni. This made me happy. Blizzard let me have the name as someone else had used it but only for a level 1 and it had been inactive for a long time. This should make things easier for my guildies and things, and it makes me happy to be able to have my proper name in World of Warcraft 😀

I had jelly and ice cream. My mouth was being silly and forgetting how to chew, but that is not important for jelly and ice cream. It also kept breathing the food in instead of swallowing it, which is making my chest a little bit sore. I am not sure why it is being silly.

Tomorrow is hospital. I hope it is okay.

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  1. *squish* I hope it is ok too.

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