Bed Day

Today I have eaten three meals. Breakfast, lunch and tea. I can’t remember when the last time I managed to do that was. I also had a lot of jelly 🙂

Spent most of the day in bed, as I’m pretty tired after yesterday. Watched some penguins, which made me happy. My tummy decided it was going to rebel against me, so I’ve been not-coping too well because of that. It hurts 🙁

Twitter has been awesome today, as it often is. I love my friends on there, as they are funny and awesome. It makes me feel less isolated when I can’t get out, and things being limited to 140 characters means I can normally keep up with what is being said. This is especially important as my cognitive functioning is decreasing at the moment.

I also got some purple fairy lights, which I have set up around my bookcase next to my bed. They are pretty, and means I don’t need the main light on which is good. I also got Johan a desk lamp so he can still see without the main light on.

I need to sort out some things before hospital next week, so will start on that tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m trying to stay awake a little bit later to try and push my awake time to more when Johan wakes up, as I spend a few hours each morning alone and that’s hard. He looks after me really well. He’s not depressed anymore we think, but his medication is making him very tired and sleep a lot, which is making some things hard. He sees the nice doctor on Tuesday though so that’s good.

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