Being Ill Sucks

Went to sleep about 1am this morning, and woke up about 1pm. So that’s another 12 hours sleep. My alarms did go off, but I was too tired to wake up beyond just turning them off.

I have a cold. I’m not sure how I got it, as Johan doesn’t have one, but it’s possible one of the carers gave me it. My body is hating me because of it- I tried and failed to go on my computer, nearly fell of the toilet (lovely Icelandic carer told me off for even attempting to go into the bathroom while this ill) and then did fall off the commode as I tried to get on it by myself. My body is very floppy, and my legs just won’t hold me up. I’m also very dizzy, so it feels like I’m on a boat while lying in bed. Of course I also have the normal cold symptoms of a blocked nose, sneezing, a sore throat, and a high temperature, though ibuprofen is helping with that.

I have a doctors appointment next Thursday, to discuss transport to hospital and something for the muscle problems. I’m hoping I’ll be well enough to get there, as the way I’m feeling now I won’t be able to. I don’t want to have to ask for home visits, as I know much time it takes out of a busy doctor’s day, but at the same time if I get much worse I won’t have any choice 🙁

I’m trying to remain positive, and remind myself that there are those who have M.E. who are doing worse than I am, but it’s hard when I’m in a lot of pain and I can’t even sit up in bed without the world spinning. Last night I got to watch Frozen Planet though, which meant I got to see lots of penguins 😀 That made me happy.

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