On NaBloPoMo, M.E. and Generic Stuff

Yesterday’s post was important, as not only was it the first day of NaBloPoMo but it was Autistics Speaking Day, so I got to talk about how autism affects me. Lots of people read it, and some even commented, so thank you very much.

Today I wanted to blog about M.E., sorta the same post as yesterday only relating to how M.E. affects me. Unfortunately, I’m too ill to do that today, so it’s been postponed until I’m feeling better. Even though my computer is now very close to my bed, I’m not well enough to go on it again today, and shouldn’t have earlier as I’ve made myself worse. Silly Danni.

I have mostly sorted out my sleeping pattern. Kept pushing back my bedtime, and last night it was 7pm. I then slept for 17 hours, but I think that was mostly because I’m more ill today- I’ve been overdoing the sitting up the last few days. My body has lovely ways to remind me that I’m ill, which includes massive amounts of pain that the tramadol is only slightly helping, double vision which is making typing this rather interesting, exhaustion that means even turning over in bed feels like too much effort, dizziness to the point where I feel like I’m on a boat when I’m just lying in bed, and increased light sensitivity which means I’ve had to ask Johan to turn the main light off.

All of those could be worse though- and have been. Although today is a bad day, it’s nowhere near a very bad day. Okay, it sucked not being able to have a bath as I can’t even get into the bathroom, and I can’t go on my proper computer, but I’m well enough to tolerate the light on my tablet with the brightness turned down to low, I can eat a bit so long as it’s finger food, I can type this and I can watch the lights on my colour changing candles.

Today I got my appointments through about getting my bad teeth removed. The pre-admission assessment is in about a fortnight, then the actual removal is in a month. I’m getting it done under a general anaesthetic as the sedation didn’t work earlier this year. I’m mostly worried about how I’m going to get there, so I’m going to see my GP (hopefully on a better day than today) to ask him what would be best. I also need to ask him if there’s anything I can take for the muscle spasms, as they were what caused my sleeping pattern to be so messed up when they kept me awake for about 10 hours after I was intending to sleep. I’m also a bit frightened of hurting myself when they launch me off the bed. My legs are already covered in bruises, and I don’t exactly need to add to them.

I need to rest now, so will leave it there. I’ll be blogging again tomorrow, and every other day this month, so long as I’m conscious at least part of the day 🙂

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