Today I went to see my GP. It went okay, though during the appointment I found it increasingly difficult to sit up and eventually couldn’t manage it at all. I was strapped into my wheelchair so was still sitting, I was just bent over at the middle and couldn’t straighten up.

Johan took me home. Every bump was agony. I was crying it hurt so much. Then he had to get me into our flat. It’s upstairs. Johan dragged me up the stairs, with me being unable to help because I was too weak to move anything other than my head. At one point my leg jerked while he was trying to lift me, and I nearly kicked him down the stairs. He managed it, then lay me at the top while he fetched my wheelchair and stuff. He then had to lift me from the floor into my wheelchair, which was difficult as I was like a rag doll. It took a few goes but he managed it, and got me on my bed and my coat off. He even put my eye mask on for me which was wonderful, as I couldn’t move my hands.

After sleeping for a bit I woke up feeling really ill. The carer was here, and asked me if I wanted to go to the toilet. I wasn’t well enough to move, never mind go to the bathroom, so Johan told her on my behalf that I wasn’t well enough. I took meds, and lay in bed for a while with sunglasses and ear defenders on (the karaoke was going on next door and was too noisy). I started feeling better a couple of hours later, had something to eat, and I’m now able to get away with wearing my normal glasses again 🙂

After today I’m not going back to see my GP until I improve. I wouldn’t be surprised if my back was bruised (it certainly feels it) from being dragged up the stairs (and falling down slightly a couple of times). It’s also not fair on Johan to have to try and get someone who weighs more than he does upstairs by himself. This may mean I’m unable to get my tooth removed, which is essential as it’s been causing me a lot of pain for a year now. We’ll see.

I may be feeling okay now, but I’m aware that it’s normal for there to be a delayed effect from this sort of outing, so may be a bit quiet over the next few days. I’m hoping there isn’t though.

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