Penguins, Penguins and Penguins

I like penguins. Tonight was Frozen Planet on BBC1, so I got to watch lots of penguins, both King and Adelie (there were no Emperor ones tonight, I noticed). Today I also bought some penguin stuff- a book called 365 Penguins, some penguin wall stickers, and some purple penguin pyjamas (in a size 14, since I’m losing weight without trying now).

Tomorrow I have the doctors. I am worried about going out, and having to sit up so long. I should probably be considering home visits but I don’t want to yet as I’m not that ill, surely? I’m going to be asking about ambulance transport to the hospital, as going by taxi didn’t work that well last time.

Had a bath this evening, and lovely Icelandic carer told me my hair now goes down to my bum :p She also had to support me a lot more than I normally need.

I need to sort out the living room, as it’s frustrating me that it’s so close to tidy but not quite there. It would take Johan a few minutes, but he won’t do it (or he would have done by now) so I’m going to have to do it. Tidying the cushions on the sofa and putting some rubbish in a bag caused my legs to jerk uncontrollably this morning, followed by being unable to move them at all. It’s the closest I’ve been to waking Johan up, as the pain in my foot was excrutiating and I couldn’t move it. Luckily it wasn’t too bad when I woke up this afternoon.

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