The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

Mixed day today. Went on my computer after waking up, spent too long on there (silly Danni) but painkillers helped with the pain and was in a good mood this morning. Johan also awake early (I woke at 4.30am, his alarm went at 6.30am) as he was going to Colin’s wedding today. After spending 20 minutes persuading him to give me cuddles instead of dozing on the sofa, he gave in and we both had an enjoyable half an hour on my bed. Then he got me dressed (Diablo 3 t-shirt for the win!) and went and sorted himself out.

We hadn’t arranged anyone to look after me as I had been hoping to attend the wedding, and when it became clear I was too ill it was a bit late to ask anyone, and we also figured that as the carers would be coming and he was close enough if there was an emergency, we’d be able to cope. He left for the wedding at about 10am, when the carer was due to arrive.

She didn’t turn up. I sent Johan a text message at 10.55am (wedding was due to start at 11am) to tell him, so he could contact the agency, which he did at 11.30am (after the ceremony was finished). She eventually turned up at 11.50am, but didn’t come in, only knocked (we leave the door unlocked for the carers so they can come straight in) forcing me to crawl to the front door, and causing me massive amounts of pain. She helped me back into bed (after fetching my wheelchair from the living room) then kept asking me lots of questions, that I was in too much pain to answer. In the end I had to ask her to leave, as I was scared (I was close to melting down at this point). I asked Johan to come home, and he did, missing the wedding meal. He phoned the agency and told them we’re not happy, listing all the reasons.

Soon after he arrived back home, the post arrived, including my corset. He helped me get it on, and I was able to sit up straight for the first time in a long time 😀 It’s also beautiful, so I’m really happy with it. I’ll need to figure out lacing it, and what to wear it with, but I already love it and I’ve only worn it for 20 minutes. I may use it to be able to sit up to get to the appointment next week (which is on Wednesday, as the letter arrived today). I’m still worried about it, but the corset will at least prevent me from flopping (and it’s comfortable to lie in, as well).

I’m now planning on sleeping, but will have to ask Johan if he wants to go to the wedding party thing tonight. I’m still in massive amounts of pain, and I’m hoping for the least amount of payback from today (I’m still suffering the payback from last Wednesday- mostly more pain than normal and less stamina for stuff, and needing to rest more).

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