Sleepy Danni

Still feeling really ill and rubbish after the hospital appointment. Pain levels have been up so taking more tramadol than normal. I’m trying to stay awake until after the carer has come (6pm as it’s meant to be a bath call, though I’m not well enough so will ask for a wash in bed instead) before going to sleep.

Hospital phoned this morning and want me to go back next week. I want to go, but am worried. Will need to plan it very carefully, to make sure I don’t get as ill. The main thing is being allowed to lie down- if they can help with that, I’ll be okay. If not, then I can’t go as I can’t risk a repeat of Wednesday. We’ll see.

Spent most of the day trying to catch up with blogs. Getting there, just a few more days worth to go. I have my laptop on my overbed table as it’s easier to read on here. It also means I can play the Sims Social a bit.

It’s Children in Need tonight, but not sure I’ll manage to see much of it. Johan is going to the MetroCentre and Asda later to buy some cordless phones (as he missed a call twice because he was in a heroic in WoW) and some trousers as he’s got a wedding to go to tomorrow (Colin’s). I’m sad that I can’t go to the wedding, but will celebrate from home. Maybe Johan can buy me a small cake? We’ll see. I’m getting hungry now so going to go demand some food.

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Danni

  1. Colin is getting married?! That is quite scary potatoes. Please do congratulate him from me.

    I’m sad you can’t go to the wedding too. Get them to bring the wedding to you sometime within the next few days – the happy couple plus some cake. *Squish*

  2. My cousin is getting married this weekend and I can’t go. It must suck more for you because of how close you’ve been to Colin. It’s a shame you can’t go. *squish*

    I’ll pray they get you lying-down transport for next time. Good luck.

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