I am nervous about tomorrow. We’re currently trying to get everything sorted, but there’s still this niggling feeling that I’m going to forget something or that something is going to go wrong.

I know that having teeth removed isn’t exactly major surgery, but with my M.E. being as bad as it is (though it has been slightly improved the last few days) and having a general anaesthetic we’re having to treat it as something major anyway. It’s meant to be day surgery, but we’ve been advised to pack an overnight bag just in case, so we have.

Tomorrow Johan has to phone to check there’s a bed and to tell them as I’m going by ambulance I’m going to be late. I’ve packed as much as I can already, but there’s some stuff I’ll need tonight or in the morning so that will have to wait until then. I’ll need to be up at 5am as I’m not allowed to drink after 6am and I can’t manage to drink loads at once, so will need an hour for it. I’m going to sleep now, I think.

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