Patch 4.3

Today has been a World of Warcraft day. I have spent far too much time sitting at my computer playing that game. The reason for this is today patch 4.3 – Hour of Twilight was released. To people who now have no clue what I’m talking about, this means there’s lots of new stuff to do in the game that there wasn’t yesterday.

The first thing I did was get Danni sorted with some nice gear. I decided that until I get around to farming a proper pretty set of armour, I was going to wear Black Mageweave (I am a tailor so made it myself), which is less pretty and more sexy. Up to now I’ve not seen anyone else wearing it, so that is good.

I then started dumping most of my old gear from my bank into void storage. And got angry because some of the items weren’t allowed in, for vague reasons. Like my Ashen Verdict ring that I kept from Ice Crown Citadel. I managed to dump quite a bit in there though, and that meant I could dump stuff from my bags into my bank, so now I can actually use my bags again. This is good.

After a long rest, I went back on to do the new 5 man dungeons. We got a mostly guild group together, and had a pug mage from a different realm who was awesome and gave me cookies. The new dungeons were a bit challenging but not too hard, and were tons of fun. I did sit up for too long so I could complete them all (we had a few wipes while learning what to do and with me occasionally failing) but it was worth it. The individual dungeons are short enough that if I’m having a good day I should be able to run them, so that’s awesome.

There’s also a new raid, but I’m not geared enough or well enough to try that yet. Maybe when I improve a bit.

Johan went out today to the MetroCentre. Apparently it was packed. This may have had something to do with a strike that was going on, that meant most of the schools were closed, among other places. He didn’t really buy anything that I saw, but did use his mobile phone to buy a McDonalds on the way home, paid for by Google. That was cool, though I want a McDonalds and can’t have one because the bus drivers won’t let Johan carry one on for me 🙁

I am now hungry. I have to wait for Johan to complete a dungeon before he can even start cooking. This means I’ll have to stay up late. I’m not particularly happy about this. At least I can watch Penguins in the meantime.

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