Exploring the Darkmoon Faire

Danni in Transmogrified gear.
Danni in Transmogrified gear.

I’m still improving physically. Sitting in my computer chair is no longer a problem, and I can manage it for several hours without getting any worse. The only problem is movement makes me very ill, so if I try and go in my wheelchair to the bathroom I start feeling really dizzy and sick. As the bathroom is quite a distance away by wheelchair thanks to how big our rooms are, I’m using the commode for now. This also has the advantage of me being able to use it when I want without asking, as I can transfer by myself again 😀 (Johan says emptying it isn’t any more difficult than pushing me into the bathroom, so he doesn’t mind).

Cognitively I’m not doing too brilliant. There’s been a slight improvement, but writing emails is beyond me, as is understanding Facebook. I am however managing to play quite a bit of World of Warcraft, and since I’ve not been on for ages I have lots to catch up with. This week the Darkmoon Faire is on, and they’ve changed it since the last time I was there (the changes were in place last month, but I was too ill to see it then). It now has its own island, lots of games and quests, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it 🙂 My favourite game is the ring toss, as I never need more than one token for that 😛 Also available there are replicas of some of the sets no longer available, including the Devout set I want for Danni, my priest. I’ve managed to get enough prize tickets for the robe, and have done some transmogrification of other items to match it while waiting to get the other items in the set. I may keep the witch’s hat though, as I like that 😛

I’ve also been doing quite a lot of heroic dungeons on Danni, as the new ones are very short and easy, and (as I said to one of my groups) it doesn’t matter that I’m now rubbish at healing because no-one dies anyway 😛 I’ve also ran a bit of Raid Finder, which is interesting but requires more concentration. I am definitely a lot worse at healing than I used to be, and was normally one of the bottom healers, but it was fun and no-one yelled at me, which was good.

Since I’m now able to sit up and do more, I’m going to start making lists of things I want to do. I have television programmes I want to catch up on, lots of things in World of Warcraft I want to do, and films I want to watch. I also have blog posts I want to write, but my concentration isn’t there for them. I’ve got a couple of them in draft form that I’ve started, so I may have a look after this to see if I can finish one of them. I’ve also still got two emails to write, so maybe they should come first. I phoned Sammie on Monday and that went well, so I’m hoping to phone her every weekend to see how she is and things. I’m going to buy a stereo Bluetooth headset for this as I’m finding it hard to hear her a lot of the time and being able to hear with both ears may make it easier.

I’m not sure how I’d describe my M.E. right now. It’s nowhere near as severe as it was, but I’m still housebound and mostly stuck in one room, especially since moving makes me feel so ill. I only manage to get on my computer as it’s very close to the bottom of my bed, and I can go straight from the bed onto my computer chair. Once I’m in my computer chair I’m reluctant to get out of it again as the moving between chair and bed also makes me very dizzy and nauseous, though it eases off quickly once I’ve stopped moving. I’m able to eat okay, and even manage a spoon sometimes 😀 Being able to sit up though (even in my reclining computer chair) is brilliant, and playing games online (both World of Warcraft and The Sims Social) is a brilliant distraction from the pain and how ill I feel.

I’m also very happy at the moment. Some of this is being really grateful for what I’m able to do now, and for any improvement. Me being happy is also helping Johan’s mood, which is great. I still have the occasional meltdown, but that’s mostly due to sensory overload and is over quickly. Most of my penguins are now sitting on the sofa, as my single bed isn’t big enough for them all and I can see them from my bed there. Tomorrow bidding opens again for more council houses, and we should get somewhere soon. Our urgent priority is for two bedroom bungalows or ground floor flats, with step-free access and a level access shower. We’re not too fussy on where we move to so long as there are decent bus links, but ideally I want to be along Durham Road or close to there because it’ll be so easy to get to Gateshead and there are normally a lot of shops and facilities. The two bungalows I bidded on over Christmas were both in Birtley, which would be awesome (I also bidded on a three bedroom house in Blaydon, but we won’t get that even though it’s adapted- it was the most suitable of the other choices though).

Somehow this outpouring of thoughts has gotten very long. How come I can type really long blog posts in not very long (about 15 minutes on this one) but not short emails or blog posts on important subjects? I don’t know 😛

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