Responsible Disability Reform

In a long ramble a few days ago, I mentioned how the government is planning on changing disability benefits which will make things really bad and mean that seriously ill and disabled people won’t get the help they need. Turns out the government have also been not telling the truth about the consulting and stuff that they did, and so ordinary disabled people funded research (carried out by other ordinary disabled people) into the government’s plans and things.

As the plans are going to affect lots of people who could really do without the extra stress of worrying if they’re going to lose money, become homeless, lose carers, lose their jobs because they can’t afford to get there, it’s important that as many people as possible read and distribute the linked press release and report. For my part, I’ve emailed it to my MP Dave Anderson (Blaydon constituency) so I’ll report back as soon as I hear from him. I’ll also link to more informative and better written blog posts as I find them.

Responsible Reform Report

Responsible Reform Press Release

Sue March in the Guardian about the report.

Thank you for your support.

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