Beds and Bathrooms

I am in relapse. Every day I am doing worse. Currently unable to get out of bed other than to use the commode (which is next to the bed). I can manage 2 pillows under my head, but can’t be propped up any more than that. And I’m sleeping a lot more than I do normally. Pain is unbearable even with full dose of painkillers and I feel very ill.

It’s not as bad as it could be (see December) but it’s not great. I’m light sensitive but not exceptionally so, so can manage with low level lighting and normal glasses, and sunglasses if the light is brighter. My ear defenders are on and off depending on what upstairs are doing (they’ve recently moved in so are still building furniture and decorating). My blind won’t be put up until I improve a bit because of the noise so I’ve asked Johan to find the old curtains to put them up. I can still have Johan hold my hand. My speech was gone this morning but came back this afternoon. I can just about manage, though may need to see the doctor if it gets much worse.

The OT came out about the bathroom this morning. They’re rearranging the whole lot, boxing the pump in so it’ll be a lot quieter (the new lady agrees it’s far too loud, so that’s everyone so far :P), giving me a new shower with Danni-friendly controls (the OT showed it to me and let me play, and even with my current levels of weakness I could use them so will be awesome with my normal level of strength), the toilet will be moved back so I can lean on the cistern and the sink is going to be moved so there will be a bit more room in there.

The bad part was I was too ill to have my assessment for a shower seat, as the OT needs to see me transfer and I can’t do it today. I also had no voice so it was hard to communicate. The good news is that she’s given me her email address so I can email any questions to her. I think I’m going to ask to make an appointment just for assessment when I improve a bit, so she stops coming out when I’m stuck in bed. She’s also going to see about loosening the door a little bit so it doesn’t close quite as fast so we can get out easier. She can’t do anything about the communal door, but I’ve got my own ideas for that (a door stop that we only use when trying to get me through it).

Knackered now after typing this so I think I’ll have another nap. Hopefully I’ll be better soon. If I don’t respond to people on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere, or disappear for a bit, this is why.

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