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I think I’ve sorted how I want the blog to look, for now anyway. Eventually I want to have a header image, but until then I’m happy with how it looks now. I’ve updated a couple of the pages, changed the theme (the new one, Suffusion, is very customisable), updated my links and otherwise done some general housecleaning. If you think I’ve forgotten an important link, please let me know.

Otherwise, I am clean! Yesterday (Monday) morning Johan washed my hair and gave me a bed bath, then I got into a clean nightie. It has made me feel so much better and more human. I slept all day again (I need to fix my sleeping pattern but it’s not massively urgent yet) and when I woke up Johan brushed my hair for me so it’s all nice and smooth. Since then I’ve been working on getting my blog sorted.

Still not really well enough to get out of bed, but I’m sitting up in it a bit more now. For the rest of the night (until I fall asleep) I’ll probably be on twitter and reading blogs. I read a lot more blogs than those in my links (I have over 100 on my reader) so that’ll keep me entertained. If I run out of blog posts to catch up on, I have 27 links in my Read It Later/Pocket thing so they will keep me going. In the worst case scenario, there’s always TV Tropes 😛

Tomorrow I plan to have sausages (cider and apple) and Thai rice for tea (I likes them :P). Having a meal planned out before we’ve even slept yet is very unusual, but the sausages are in the freezer so need defrosting first (well were- Johan’s put them in the fridge now).

I bought a new tube for my Hydrant when I got my wheelchair cushion, and it’s got a different type of valve to it. Took us ages to figure out how to use it, but now we have I like it because it locks so doesn’t leak. Means Katie won’t have juice all over her in the middle of the night again 😛

Johan was very productive while I was asleep. Posted a parcel, bought some snacks from the cheap shop, went into Newcastle and spoke to the bank, and still managed to fit in playing some Eve 😛 Since I woke up he’s been chatting to me (and brushing my hair as mentioned earlier), watched some Torchwood, sorted me out (painkillers, food, drink, commode) and now is off to bed as he’s been up too long. He seems happier than he was so that makes me happy 🙂

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