May 122012

Today is International M.E. Awareness Day, the biggest day during M.E. Awareness Week. I was hoping to write something really good and informative today, but my plans have been scuppered because I’m too ill. Yesterday Johan washed me and helped me into clean pyjamas, and afterwards I crashed and I still haven’t recovered (yes, I am very ill because I had a wash- M.E is like that).

Anyway, what I thought I’d do instead is have lots of links to blog posts and things that are useful and informative. This also has the advantage of me being able to ask Johan to actually do the linking part as I’m not feeling very well at all. (He has agreed to help with this). I wish I could do more, but it’s just sod’s law that my M.E. means I can’t 😛

My blog posts from this week:

What Is M.E?:

How M.E. Affects Me:

How I Cope With M.E:

My Future Plans:

Other useful M.E. resources and links:

An excellent awareness video by my friend Poppy, who is 13:

An article in the Daily Mail about how the author changed her mind about M.E:

Emily Collingridge’s appeal:

Severe ME – A Guide To Living- a book by Emily Collingridge:

Voices in the Shadows- a film about severe M.E:

Severe M.E. and Me- My Story by J K Rowbory:

Fear-free Healthcare by Matthew Smith:

ME Association:


Action for ME:

25% ME Group:

I may be adding other links if I find them.

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