Milkybar and Vimto

I wasn’t feeling well so Johan went to the shop to go get me some Milkybar and a bottle of Vimto squash. I am such a big kid but it did help πŸ™‚

This week has not been brilliant. Seems all the blogging and stuff last week was just a bit too much, so needed to be in a darkened room and couldn’t sit up until today. On Thursday the CFS Clinic peoples came to see me, which we weren’t expecting as we’d forgotten to put the appointment in the calendar. They were nice though- understood that this relapse is one of those things (it’s still the one from the end of April) and just want me to do what I can when I can, and rest lots. They also said I could use heat as much as I like for pain, so long as it’s not so hot it burns me πŸ˜› They’d been contacted by my GP but they don’t deal with medication themselves, so have recommended that he contact the pain clinic. That is all very good. They were not here for very long as talking and processing verbal stuff is the most tiring thing I can do, but they’ll be back in about 6-8 weeks to see how I’m getting on. I likes them πŸ™‚

The big thing for me is that I’ve been invited to the Interface Prom again this year (the old students are normally invited). I really really want to go. It’s in about a month, so it may be possible if I improve enough. The venue is the same as last year which is good, and as the staff and students already know me and my M.E they won’t mind if I need to lie down or stuff (there are some sofas just outside the room the actual prom is in- ideal for lying on :P). I may be being a little optimistic since I’m currently still bedbound, but if I can get back to where I was in April (which is doable) then I’ll be able to go. We’ll have to plan it really well and I might not be able to stay very long, but it would be worth any payback/relapse I’d get as I’d get to see my friends πŸ™‚ We’ll see.

Today I’m doing the best I’ve been for a little bit- I can cope with light normally again, I’m sitting propped up in bed, and I just feel much more with it. I actually feel well enough to go into the living room but I don’t want to push it yet- if I’m still the same tomorrow I’ll go through then. I’m just aware that yesterday I still couldn’t cope with light and couldn’t cope with more than one pillow until the end of the day, so don’t want to overdo it.

Diablo 3 is out and Johan is playing a lot of it. He has a level 55 Monk (level cap is 60) and has completed Normal and Nightmare difficulties. He’s currently on Act 2 (of 4) of Hell difficulty (second highest- the hardest level is Inferno) and is doing pretty well. I want to play it (I got it free with the World of Warcraft Annual Pass) so I’m hoping I’ll be able to go on my computer soon.

I managed to call T-Mobile on Wednesday (I think) to sort out my contact. I was going to move my number to Three (who I got my iPhone with) and they gave me the PAC I needed to transfer it, but immediately after they phoned me back and begged me to stay for Β£5 a month. I agreed as I was originally going to put it on a Β£10 a month contract anyway and the 300 anytime minutes inculding 08 numbers is very useful, as they’re currently not covered by my iPhone and I have to pay using the landline for 0845 and similar. I don’t need internet on it as my iPhone contract includes tethering, but having a spare phone is useful and means I have access to all the Android Market (I refuse to call it Google Play- silly name) as well as the App Store. The contract is for 12 months so is only Β£60 in total, which is less than 2 months worth previously, so I’m happy.

Twitter has been amazing as normal, keeping me sane while I’ve been stuck in the dark mostly by myself. I’m still completely overwhelmed by Facebook, so still only using it very occasionally. Johan’s been coming in and talking to me when I’ve been up to it, and disappearing again when he can see it’s making me (more) tired, as well as looking after me generally.

The carers are starting on Monday. Not spoken to them yet (I’m hoping to do that at some point) but it’s a different agency and they offer a bigger range of help than the last agency, so we’re hoping it’ll go well. If they’re really good we may ask for some extra hours paid privately for some extra help for Johan. First visit is at 10am, then it’ll be late evening (not sure what time- we do have a care plan but I’ve not been able to look at it yet). I’m hoping them washing me, helping me with teeth brushing, hair brushing and when I’m up to it getting dressed will help Johan out a lot. When the shower’s fixed I’ll be able to have one up to three times a week if I’m able to (1 hour calls) which will be awesome.

I think things are looking up πŸ™‚

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