Ah Bah La La Bah

The title is what I’m able to say without massive amounts of concentration. My brain is a bit fuzzy so English is a tad hard 😛

Physically I am doing good today. I’ve been practising my sitting up and haven’t passed out or gotten silly dizzy or anything like that. My pain levels are bearable with medication (I’m trying to take just one tramadol again at the moment). I can transfer to the commode without falling off, which had been rather difficult the last few days. Yay 🙂

I’m very dozy and fuzzy and tired, but I was awake about 28 hours before getting to sleep around midnight/half past midnight. I woke up sometime after 10am so I’ve slept, just need a bit more to catch up with the bit I missed. Staying awake all night and all day happens sometimes so I don’t worry about it, I just try to get plenty of rest when I can sleep again.

Lovely carer is leaving the care agency :'( She is a good friend now so I will still see her, but it means I’m going to have a different main carer. I hope whoever it is is nice and can understand us. I am planning a party for lovely carer on Friday as it’s her last day and we’re her last call 🙂

Vicky was here until yesterday, and it was nice her being here. We spent Sunday night talking until silly o’clock in the morning as we lost track of time 🙂 We used to do that a lot and so it was good.

Johan is currently on my bed next to me, giving me the occasional squish and making me feel safe and happy. It is nice, even if my spoken English is a bit disappeared.

I am sending Johan to the cricket on Sunday. We are now about 25 minutes from Durham Cricket Club, so we have been intending to go since we moved. I’m not well enough yet, but Johan is going to see Durham beat Lancashire (I did put playing against but Johan made me fix it). It is Twenty20 so it’s very fast and only lasts 3 hours. I will see if a sibling can sit with me for it, but if not I should manage if everything is sorted beforehand. I could always try sleeping 😛

I am wanting to go to Leeds. It probably won’t happen this week, but I’m going to build up to it. New wheelchair means it’s just as easy as travelling to South Shields (at least until we reach Leeds train station) and I want to try my mum-in-law’s cooking (I’m not sure if she knows this yet so we should probably tell her :P). Johan’s family are really nice and I feel very at home with them. I think if I plan it well we should manage it okay 🙂

I have looked up the travelling to Leeds and if money is okay I should be able to manage it, with travelling with my wheelchair reclined (the Transpennine Express trains have wheelchair users in a separate bit- normally I dislike the segregation but it does mean there’s plenty of space) and a hotel right next to the station. We probably won’t do anything other than see Johan’s family while there, and I can rest lots so it will be good.

As my brain is being silly I’m not really keeping up with Twitter or Facebook, but that is okay. We are thinking of taking another week of respite in August so Johan can go see his friends at this open house thing. My social worker has found a care home so Johan just needs to check it’s suitable. We were originally going to stick with the same one as last time but the travel there is harder for me than travelling to Leeds so not the best idea ever.

Otherwise I’m just playing Bejewelled and Draw Something every so often, reading and immediately forgetting blog posts, and having lots of cuddles in bed. I like being able to have cuddles 🙂 I’m definitely improving, even if only a little bit.

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