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Okay, being realistic Leeds is probably a bit too much at the moment. I will stick to travelling locally until I can do that reliably and without payback before trying to travel further. It was fun planning though and means I have an idea where to stay and what trains to get for when I am well enough to go 🙂

Wednesday I managed 4 hours sitting in my wheelchair in the living room, and was fine. It was tilted and reclined, but still I was out of bed for 4 hours! I was even able to do a proper raid with my guild (Dragon Soul) for the first time in months which was awesome. They were very understanding of me when I made mistakes and stuff, and we got up to (but haven’t beaten yet) Spine. I hope to go to the continuation on Monday if I’m well enough 🙂

Thursday I had a wheelchair assessment with the district nurse. We thought the appointment came through a bit quick and it turns out she only does basic attendant chairs, so she can’t help me. She took my measurements though and has referred me to the proper team to try and get me a suitable chair. She’s put that I need proper support and a reclining chair, and what chair I have now so it should be good. I’m hoping to go to equipment services as they have all the different types of chair there and it would be easier to find something suitable. We’ve been warned that it will take a while but it will be much better in the long run.

The 15 minute appointment completely wore me out. Turns out talking about stuff that requires thinking is still one of my most exhausting things. I think it goes with physically being better but not so much cognitively. I was hungry though so had green Thai curry for lunch. I managed to eat it myself with a fork! I used a plastic fork (purple, of course) with some tubing on the handle to make it easier to grip, and it worked! My hand was spasming a bit but I just kept swapping hands and rested every mouthful, but I fed myself with a fork! Yay independence! 😀

I had to have a nap not long after. Johan went to the Autism North East committee meeting. He promised to be home before Lovely Carer was due but wasn’t. Luckily she waited around (she thought something was up as we normally let her know if Johan is going to be out). I panicked and felt completely helpless as I could hear her outside but was unable to go let her in. It’s shown it’s even more important to get a key safe so that carers can let themselves in. Luckily Lovely Carer and Johan calmed me down, then Lovely Carer helped me into pyjamas (I had been wearing a dress) then used the no rinse shampoo to wash my hair. I think she also washed some dishes.

I’m on my computer again now. I’ve played some Bejewelled and now I’m going to do Darkmoon Faire dailies in World of Warcraft. Then I think it will be back to bed as it’s quite late already. I’ve covered the ends of my armrests with penguin socks as they were slightly torn and the socks I can’t wear as they’re too small. I think they’re cute 🙂

The cleaner didn’t turn up on Wednesday. I am not happy with this as we didn’t get any warning. I sent an email but haven’t had a response, so we might need to phone. Lovely Carer did some of the cleaning the cleaner was meant to do but she doesn’t have enough time to do the bigger jobs like mopping floors and stuff.

We have finally had our cooker fitted! Once we found an electrician and Johan phoned them, they could come out the same day (Wednesday) and it only took about 10 minutes to do. It means I can have a roast dinner when I’ve done the shopping. It was so quick and easy and not too expensive (£45) that I feel a bit silly it took so long. It’s sorted now though 🙂

I’m happy that physically I’m still improving a bit and can do a bit more for myself. Hopefully this will continue.

There is a horse in the field next to our flat. This is not normal. If it’s still there in the morning we’ll contact the RSPCA as we don’t think it should be there. I want to go see it first though as I love horses and miss seeing them now I’m in the middle of Gateshead (at our old flat we were less than 5 minutes from the nearest field with horses, and people with a horse and trap used to go by pretty regularly).

Johan has fallen asleep on the sofa. He has not been having a good couple of nights. I wish I could help but I don’t know how 🙁

Latent Existence has started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I think he’s starting to like it 😀 It is an awesome television show for kids and adults. I’ve also given Lovely Carer the link to the episodes as I think she will like it as well. I’m also thinking of watching it again- the episodes are on (US) Netflix so it’s easy.

Tomorrow we are meeting the carer who is replacing Lovely Carer when she comes tomorrow morning. I hope she’s nice. With Lovely Carer it’s been so easy as she understands me so well almost intuitively, but I can’t expect that from the new person so will probably have to explain how to do things and about ME and stuff. That’s going to be harder. Hopefully it will work out in the long run though 🙂

3 thoughts on “Wheelchair Fun

  1. Would Lovely Carer be able to help train the new one? That way she’ll know what you expect of her, as in what you want her to be like, ideally, and might be able to explain about your condition better than you can.

  2. Are you hoping for an electric wheelchair?

    Let me know if you want to talk through options as I researched quite a bit before getting mine so could possibly share that knowledge!

    Even if you’re not able to control it much yourself outdoors I think it would be worth having a powerchair because you can get them with two controllers so you’d have more independence whilst able but Johan or whoever could control outdoors 🙂

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