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I have been attempting to write a proper blog post the last few days, but it’s not working. Will write random stuff until brain works again.

According to the Hummingbird Foundation ME Scale, I’m currently around 10% for both physical and symptoms, and around 5% for cognitive. That’s definitely an improvement over what it was when I last did it in May, but I think my cognitive score has dropped in the last couple of weeks as my physical went up. Bleh.

Went out on Wednesday  to Autism North East social. Was good. Couldn’t get home by Metro as Central station was locked. Had to get taxi. Been too brain brokened since to complain yet.

Upstairs neighbours have been noisy. They have a horse. Horse has sores on it. I feel bad for horse. They also have moped outside my flat door so it’s harder to get me in and out. Not happy. Told council about everything except horse as wasn’t sure it was theirs until today.

Been playing Bejewelled and SimCity Social on computer. Johan borrowing laptop as his computer broken, as was part of replacement. I likes going on computer everyday.

Tried watching telly. Only can watch stuff that requires no thinking like house shows. Had Ice Age film on with Johan but have no idea what it was about, though there was a dinosaur in it.

Carer situation sorted. Am happy with that.

Digestive system feels like it’s trying to kill me since Thursday. Had to take lots of tablets to try and deal. Don’t normally need lots of tablets. Been sleeping lots and not really keeping up with Twitter or Facebook.

Will be happy again when digestive system stops trying to kill me.

I don’t know when I’ll be blogging again. Hopefully soon, but still have other things to do that I’ve been too ill for to do first, like food shopping and complaint about Metro.

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