This is one of my favourite pony songs at the moment. I like both this version and the original, though as I heard this one first I slightly prefer it. The music video is filmed locally as well, which is a bonus 🙂

We are no longer having the carer we didn’t get on with. The agency has been excellent in trying to sort it out for us, and we met a new carer yesterday (Tuesday). She is very nice, and I’m probably going to be asking for her to come all the time (at the moment she’s only coming occasionally). Both the manager person who came out and the new carer said that we had to be comfortable with whoever comes into our flat, so they understood why we couldn’t have the other carer. It’s nearly sorted (though we don’t know who is coming today) and we’re both feeling better for it.

I’m still going on my computer most days. On Monday I finished the raid with my guild- I’ve now completed normal mode Dragonsoul, which I didn’t think I’d be doing this expansion. It makes me very happy and I’ve had lots of requests for me to raid again 😛 I’ll have to be careful as my health needs to come first, but up to now it’s been good.

Yesterday I slept most of the day. I woke up very nauseous and had to take cyclizine, and it knocked me out. It normally only does so for 2-3 hours, but this time it was most of the day, though I did wake up a couple of times for an hour which meant I got to meet new new carer and the manager person when they came.

I woke up properly when new new carer came for our evening call. She was 15 minutes early, but when Johan said I didn’t like people being early she was happy to wait until 8.30pm and come back. The call went well- Johan taught her how to use the electric toothbrush (I don’t know why, but it confuses everyone), she gave me a bed bath with my wipes (I felt I could trust her) and got me into pyjamas (pink penguin hoodie ones!), brushed and plaited my hair and we had a chat. She also tried to find out who was coming today, but the on call guy forgot to get the sheet. It’ll be okay though.

Although she’s not quite as awesome as lovely ex-carer (who somehow had a personality that fitted in exactly with ours) she is very nice and I can tell she’s doing the job because she cares, rather than just for the money. She also wants to get some of the bath in bed wipes for her brother (who is also disabled- that is how she got into caring) so I gave her the web address.

After she went and I’d rested for a bit, I went on my computer and played some Bejeweled Blitz and then went into World of Warcraft to do Argent Tournament dailies. I am wanting the mounts and the pets for the achievements, and eventually to sell the pets as I think that would be a good income source for me. The only daily I dislike is the commanders jousting one as the birds keep breaking my shield, but since I’m level 85 now I no longer die there so it’s not as bad. I got a Mechanopeep (pet) and a Turbostrider (mount). They are both red. I’m going to look awesome with them 😛

Johan got me settled in bed after I’d finished them, and heated up Penguin and another wheatbag as my feet were blocks of ice. He also gave me painkillers and got me some cheese and apples as I’d slept so much I’d not had a proper meal. Since then I’ve been reading blog posts, writing this one and chatting to Pocket Pennies on Facebook. I’m hoping to get some sleep before the morning call, but since I slept all day I won’t be surprised if I don’t.

We never heard back from the care home, so since it has to be sorted this week we’ve decided to stick with the one near our old flat. It might go better now I can actually spend time in my wheelchair, and they said they can arrange transport if we need it (which we will, as I’ll need to be reclined and tilted in my wheelchair to manage the journey).

Johan really enjoyed the cricket. He was right at the front so got to see everything, and said it was really exciting. It ended in a draw, which is apparently quite unusual for 20Twenty. I want to go when I’m well enough 🙂

I have a couple of events I want to go to. Probably not going to happen but planning is almost as much fun so I pretend I can go for a bit 🙂

Pain and nausea may be pretty bad at the moment but I’m coping with meds and penguins and sleep and I’m happy overall. It is funny- nearly everyone who meets me now says I’m really cheerful. It is very easy to be positive when you don’t have depression. I want Johan to get better as well, but that may take a while. I wish there was a magic cure for depression (and M.E), but until there is one we just do what we can to make life as bearable and as good as possible. I likes being autistic as it means I can be super happy just by having penguins. Johan likes Fluttershy in a similar way 🙂

Fluttershy vs Penguins

Fluttershy vs Penguins by Kasatania.

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