Body, Behave

Been rather ill today, with kidney pain and urine retention. We initially thought kidney infection but then remembered I’d just restarted lansoprazole, and it made more sense, as I’ve had the symptoms before and they disappeared when I forgot to take the lansoprazole for a while.

Johan spoke to my GP and as the retention was resolving itself by then I’m stopping the lansoprazole and if things don’t improve then we’re to contact the emergency care team (I’ve seen them before for something else and they’re really good). Also got my blood test results saying my vitamin D levels are low again and my thyroid levels are on the lower end of normal. For the first I’m getting heavy duty vitamin D tablets again from the doctor, and she wants me to take a multivitamin (which funnily enough I’d bought in today’s food shop). For the second we’re just going to monitor it every 6 months, as it’s done this before and then gone back to proper normal by itself (which is partially why it took so long for me to get my M.E diagnosis).

Everything else was normal, including my kidney function. Johan mentioned the eating issues and she couldn’t deal with those on a Friday evening over the phone, but if they’re no better next week we’ll do something about it then. That is fine by me. I’ve not eaten at all today as been too ill which has given my tummy a break from the evil cramps.

I fainted while using the commode, and since then have been really tired and have slept lots. Johan hurt my shoulder getting me back on the bed but apparently my body was trying to land on the floor and he didn’t want that so he hauled me on the bed. Is kinda scary being sitting up then lying down and not remembering how I got there. Have to use evil bedpan again to stop it happening, but I feel too rubbish to disagree. Sleep time again now. Maybe proper blog post tomorrow if I can be more awake. I will be okay.

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