Scared Penguin

I’m scared. Pain is getting unbearable but don’t think hospital is a good idea. Swallowing is getting harder. I need to cough but don’t have the strength. Moving in bed is almost impossible without help and using my tablet is getting harder. My DLA form still isn’t finished and my award runs out January. Don’t have the ability too get help even after being told where to get it. Getting new printer tomorrow to print it all out but it’s not finished and Johan won’t let me finish it. I’ll be sad if I fail NaBlPoMo so close to the end but I’m still getting worse so not sure how much longer I can use tablet for.

7 thoughts on “Scared Penguin

  1. *Hugs* so sorry you feel so bad, agree with the others, rest and don’t worry about forms and blog, they will still be there when you feel better x

    1. *hugs*. Look after yourself, drop the blogging if it is making you worse, just concentrate on your health. I’m here if you need me lovely.

      Hugs and Prayers.

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