Where Did September Go?

Bullet point update post for future reference!

  • I’ve been very up and down, mostly down.
  • Had urine infection. Antibiotics seemed to clear it up. Still have kidney pain, but that’s been going on a while now and I don’t think it’s infection.
  • Johan got PIP! No mobility, but did get enhanced care. We technically could ask for a reconsideration for mobility (he meets the criteria) but we’ve decided that it would be too much, since Johan struggled just with the application. It took about 13 months from the initial phone call to him getting the decision letter.
  • I finally saved enough money for project build Sammie a computer. I picked the parts (with help from Reddit) and Johan built it. I set most of the software up, and Johan finished it since I’d overdone it. Whoops. Johan lent me a bit of money so we could upgrade it a bit, so Sammie now has a better computer than me.
  • Sammie came to pick up the computer with her grandparents and that made me very happy. She loves her new computer, which made it worth it for me. It’s her main Christmas/birthday present (I don’t normally do joint presents but this was a very big one) but she had it early so we could play games together when I’m well enough.
  • Sorting computer and things meant I had payback. Was expected and didn’t last too long luckily. I’ve been sleeping a lot.
  • I’m due my smear test again soon. My GP is going to ask for it to be done at home.
  • I’ve been referred back to gynaecology to sort out my coil (it was meant to be changed nearly 5 years ago). For some reason instead of giving me an appointment in the hospital five minutes away, they gave me one at a clinic near the MetroCentre. That clinic can’t see people who need stretcher transport, so it’s having to be rearranged back at the local hospital. If the original appointment had been there, I’d have been sorted last year as I could still manage my wheelchair then.
  • I should be seeing my consultant at the end of the month. They’ve changed the afternoon appointment for a early morning one, which is going to be fun. This time we’re insisting the appointment is time sensitive, and also contacting the clinic to make sure they understand I can’t get there before the ambulance can get me there. They’ve told my GP they’ll see me that day anyway, so hopefully it’ll happen.
  • The last few days have been a bit bleh. On Thursday I woke up as I couldn’t open my jaw as when I tried there was horrendous pain going up the side of my face. After getting heat on it, I managed to open it where it made a massive clunk. Since then the right side of my face has been very sore. Not something I want to repeat.
  • Yesterday the neighbours woke me up arguing. I felt terrible and ended up needing cyclizine so fell asleep again until last night. My sleeping pattern is now completely broken, instead of just mostly.
  • We have an awesome friend staying for a bit until she can get sorted out. More forms and stuff to inform the relevant people, but at least we’ll get out of paying the bedroom tax 😛 I think she’s on the sofa until I buy the daybed for the living room, as despite what the government claims we don’t have a spare bedroom.
  • Johan bought me a new telly for Christmas! Because my vision is getting worse (I suspect muscle weakness from ME) I was struggling to see the subtitles on the 32″ we have, so he bought me a 50″ one. I can read the subtitles and see what’s going on now, so I’m very happy. He’s planning on going to Sweden next year.

I still feel like it’s August, but my tablet tells me it’s October. Being ill messes up my sense of time. Last time I saw my tree (I now have a blackout sheet covering my window) the leaves were turning red and there were lots of berries. Some day I’ll find out what type of tree it is.

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