Breathing Is Good

Woke up this morning not being able to breathe. Blocked nose from my cold, and for some reason I had to consciously make myself breathe through my mouth. Weird. So I’ve been more tired and bleh today. Also had a bad headache which ibuprofen is helping with but that’s made my digestive system complain madly (I thought I’d eaten recently enough, but obviously not). Also needed cyclizine for nausea which means I’ll be sleeping soon most likely.

Bad stuff over with. I’ve been taking it easy today, which is good. Johan had a driving lesson which he said went well. While he was out I talked to Esther for a bit which was awesome. As it’s the 5th of November there’s fireworks tonight, so I’ve got earplugs in so I’ll be okay. Johan is considering going to the organised display. I’m thinking of asking him to put my blind up so if there are any on this side I might be able to see them, though the trees might be in the way. I love fireworks, especially if I don’t have to deal with the noise 🙂

The penguins are helping me cope with my evil tummy, and the warmth is comforting. I’m so glad I have a non drug way of dealing with pain and spasms. One day I hope I won’t need them for that purpose. Penguins are awesome.

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