Sleep is?

Maybe good? My sleep is opposite right now. Sleep during day, awake during the night. Sleep means nightmares and pain, which I not like. Broken sleep makes Danni grumpypants.

Before I went to sleep this morning I read a book, called Wakefield. I enjoyed it, even though some of the language was problematic. I’ll have to get the next book in the series at some point.

No WoW tonight. Too tired. Rest is good.

I think best just before I go to sleep. I’m usually too tired to write down what I’m thinking about, then I’ve forgotten it when I wake up again (only remembering I wanted to remember something). Is annoying.

Maybe I sleep again soon and wake up during day. That sounds like plan. My plans rarely work how I want them to, but I’ll keep trying. I’m Alliance, after all πŸ™‚

1 thought on “Sleep is?

  1. I’m on an inverted cycle too, and it’s driving me crazy! I was up until 7am this morning, with back spasms that wouldn’t let me lie down. Slept until 4pm, and now it’s dark outside and I’m wide awake. πŸ™ *sigh* My body seems to think that there are 36 hours in a day, and so I sleep for 12 to 18 hours at a stretch, and then stay up for a day and a half. This of course flares me up and I end up running a fever.

    {{{penguin hugs}}}

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