This is a super-secret backdated post because I was too ill to post on time 😛

My body hates me still. Getting worse was not the plan. But:

  • I am happy my friend got to go to the pub for her burpday (she also has ME and been poorly a few years).
  • I am happy that Sammie is happy, and even if I can’t Skype email exists.
  • I am happy there are medications that can reduce my symptoms down to bearable levels.
  • I am happy that I can still be silly with Johan.
  • I am happy that Johan set up local streaming, so I can watch him playing games without getting out of bed.
  • I am happy that there is nommy food, despite the pain it causes afterwards.
  • I am happy that I have friends even though I’m not always the best friend myself.
  • I am happy because penguins.

So my evil body can’t stop me being happy, as it can’t make all of these untrue.

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