Tummy is Lazy

Today I not been doing much. I appear to have payback from watching Blizzcon. I managed going out to see my consultant fine, which included sitting up, but can’t manage watching telly? My body is weird and silly.

My daily sneezes seem to be getting more violent. Today’s made my head jerk and gave me a sore neck. I’m not impressed. Would quite like to be over the common cold now please.

We got pizza tonight as Johan wasn’t up to cooking and pizza is nommy. I now have leftovers for later. This is good. My digestive system is being very lazy and not really trying to digest it, but is being very painful. This is not good. Eating has tired me out so even though I only woke up about 3pm I’ll be sleeping again soon I think.

I’ve been playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood and High School Story on my tablet. In Kim Kardashian I made it to the top of the A list today, then got overtaken by Willow Pape about an hour later. Grr. I do have a private jet though so I’m flying to different places a lot. In High School Story I’m raising an egg baby with Johan. We have a private jet in our pretend life there too 😛 Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be the best egg baby ever!

I’m hoping that extra sleep and rest will mean I’m okay again very soon. Tomorrow would be nice 😛 I’ve got a lot planned for the next week and even though none of it is important as such I’ll be disappointed if I can’t do it. Need to rest now though to have the best chance.

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