Christmas Plans

I’m meant to be reading a book so I’m procrastinating by writing this blog post instead 😛

This year I actually feel well enough to make tentative plans for Christmas (also Newtonmas for those who don’t celebrate Christmas). I can’t buy the bulk of the presents I want to get people until the middle of the month (all my big bills come out the day before I get paid) but I’m starting to plan them.

So far my ideas are:

  • Buy presents for people. Get them wrapped by Amazon if possible, to reduce the pressure on Johan. Sammie’s presents are the exception, as I want to get specific wrapping paper for her Christmas and birthday presents.
  • Decorate my room. Will need a bit of a tidy first, but I want my Christmas tree up and maybe some tinsel around 🙂
  • Attempt to make Sammie a birthday card. This may backfire spectacularly so I’m not mentioning it to her, but now we have a colour printer that works and I’ve got lots of nice card and things, I’m going to try and make one (I’ve asked Johan if he can do the cutting out for me). I’m hoping my hands hold out.
  • Have a nice meal. The actual date is fluid as it depends on how well I am, when Esther is here and stuff like that, but I’ve started an order with some nice food in it to be delivered a few days before Christmas, and it’ll be nice to have a meal together. I’m hoping to organise it by finding out when everything goes in the oven and helping Johan by setting timers and reminding him so he can concentrate on the actual cooking bit.
  • Watch a film. Not sure what one I’ll be watching but I do want to manage a film if I can.
  • Watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. I need to catch up first really, but I’m hoping I’m well enough to watch this on Christmas day, or at least soon after.
  • Talk to Sammie. The most important one on this list. If I manage nothing else, I at least want to speak to Sammie around Christmas/her birthday.

I’m still a bit up and down but overall not doing too badly for me. I’m hoping if I pace things, I’ll manage most things on this list. I’m going on my computer nearly everyday with no payback so it should be doable 🙂

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