Computer Issues

I can’t remember what exactly I wanted to blog about today, but when I started up my computer to write a blog post and do a food shop, I got a lovely blue screen of death saying my bootloader is broken. Johan is currently sorting me out a repair drive so I can fix it, but it means I’m not able to do a shop in time for delivery tomorrow as it takes forever on my tablet (which I’m using to write this).

Today I get the payback from the outing. Luckily it’s purely just some extra tiredness, so I had a 5 hour nap earlier which will hopefully help (I’m still rather zombified). My arm is still a bit sore from the flu jab but otherwise I’m just at Danni normal levels of pain, nausea and blehness, which I’m used to. Luckily painkillers (or pain reducers as I call them, as they don’t kill pain just make it more bearable) are working so I’m a bit less grumpy than when I first woke up. The cleaner came today and sorted my room out a little bit, which was good.

On Thursday I hope to go outside on the ramp to watch the fireworks, as we should be able to see the official display from there without the crowds or ticket prices. Advantage of being up the hill from the park ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m wanting to have toffee apples and some treacle toffee. Maybe also hot chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve spent a lot of money this month, more than I originally planned. It’s all been on good stuff though, like a hot water dispenser kettle as Johan is scared of normal kettles so I can have hot drinks (he actually made himself a cup of tea earlier!) and a Brita filter jug to see if we can make the water taste better here (I like the local water except from our tap, so we think it’s our piping or tap that’s the issue). It seems to make a tiny difference? The new kettle Johan wasn’t sure about until we got it, but he already really likes it.

I’ve also bought some winter waterproof stuff for my wheelchair- some leg covers that don’t stop me opening the door with my feet (my current leg cosy makes it impossible) and a cape that should be easier to put on than a coat (we’ve also lost my coat which is a bit annoying but this will replace it I hope). Not cheap but disability stuff never is, and I couldn’t find another option in purple that was cheaper so I’m hoping they’ll help.


I’ve also recently got into making loom band bracelets. It’s a lot of fun, and patterns that use a mini loom don’t hurt my hands too much (I can make two of them during a session, and only one that uses the full loom). I spent some of today organising my bags of bands into a container by colour to make it easier to plan what colours I’m using in the future. Johan has set me a challenge to make a loom band belt so I just need to find a decent design and then I’ll be working on that. I’m really happy to have found something I can do as my hands are too silly for crocheting or knitting, which I want to learn. Being able to put it down pretty much when I need to helps as well. As I’m late to the trend all the sets are really cheap which is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

Apologies if there are any extra spaces in the blog post. My tablet puts them in automatically after punctuation but I also add them automatically when typing. I’ve gone through trying to remove them but I may have missed a few. Hopefully tomorrow my computer will be fixed and I’ll be back to blogging on something a bit easier ๐Ÿ™‚

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