Mood Whiplash

Has been a weird day. My original plan was to have the morning carer make me bacon and eggs, sleep until the evening carer, have my hair washed then go on my puter to speak to Sammie. It didn’t go to plan.

The carer this morning just never showed up. It was very windy so every time I heard a noise I was on edge just in case it was the key safe. Johan stayed until 10.30am then had to leave for his day service, so he gave me some fruit as I was hungry and he didn’t have time to cook me anything. I stayed awake until 12.30am and though someone knocked on the door around 11.30am, I don’t know who it was and if it was a carer they’re meant to use the key safe as I’m not able to let them in.

Since I didn’t get to sleep until 12.30pm, I didn’t wake up until 7pm, missing the evening carer (who did come, and was a nice one who is going to ask the agency why carers aren’t showing up). Once painkillers had kicked in and things I went on puter to talk to Sammie and Johan made me bacon and eggs. The food was nommy (they were duck eggs for a treat) and Sammie has had a really good day so that cheered me up really well. She told me she was glad that I’m autistic as she thinks it’s better for her, as she’s grown up knowing about it and her best friend is also autistic. I thought that was really sweet 🙂

After both downloading the Hearthstone patch we managed a quick game of the tavern brawl before she had to go to bed. She’s asked me to tell her the backstory of Nefarian and Ragnaros so I need to revise that before I next speak to her (I kinda know it from playing World of Warcraft but it’s been a while since I’ve been in Blackrock so it’s a bit fuzzy). I had a lucky win, as I was Raggy and my hero power hit Nef’s face. If it had missed Sammie probably would have won 😛

I was on a big high from talking to Sammie and planning to talk to her again tomorrow, when I saw the news about the attacks in Paris. I have a friend visiting there and he’s okay, but I really hope it ends soon. I hate it when bad things happen and I hope those behind it are brought to justice. For now I just want everyone to stay safe, and I’ll keep praying.

2 thoughts on “Mood Whiplash

  1. Do you play Minecraft? I have a daughter with Fragile X Syndrome, and Minecraft is her life. She plays in several realms, and has just discovered a Harry Potter and a Percy Jackson realm. She’s also on CooltyCraft. Let me know and I can hook you up with her. She loves to chat on Skype while playing, but you don’t have to talk if you’re not up for it. Some of her friends are not talkers, so she’s find with text.

    1. I used to play Minecraft but for the last few months the movement has been making me feel really ill. I think it’s the first person perspective as I can’t watch first person shooters for very long either. It’s Sammie’s favourite game as well 🙂 When I’m back to being able to play I’d like to play with your daughter 🙂

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