Penguin Feet

I got some new penguin feet slippers today. They are cool. Also was able to sit in my chair to see CFS team. They are happy I’m getting up and helped me with plan on getting up more. Also recommended wheelchair services as I’m at risk of pressure sores in my chair (not enough padding on my bum). I wore my new penguin shirt and it fits nicely.

No carer this morning. Was annoying as I wanted stuff doing. I only got 3 1/2 hours sleep before waking up this morning at 10am so am tired now. Johan and Esther are going into Durham to see light thingies so Johan cancelled the evening call so I can sleep. Silly body not letting me get to sleep until 6.30am. Being nocturnal is slightly more natural for me but doesn’t work with society. My complete randomness now works even less.

Johan has promised to take photos of light thingies. I’m going to take photos  of loom band bracelets tomorrow when I’ve slept more. Hoping for more time in chair this week 🙂

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