Penguin Sleep

In the early hours of this morning I made most of a loom band penguin that I just need to stuff and then finish, but this morning I managed to misplace it so I need to find it so I can do so and take photos. I discovered when trying to make the wings that my hands just aren’t coordinated enough to do crochet or knitting, as I kept dropping stuff while trying to loop and having to start again. At least on the loom I only have to worry about one hand at a time 🙂

I managed to be awake for the morning carer. She seemed to think 5 seconds of teeth brushing is enough. I know I don’t often manage 2 minutes but that’s short even for me. She did make me bacon and eggs though which were nice.

Since then I’ve slept most of the day and only woke up at half eleven. Hoping to see my sister Becca on Friday with her fiancé so will be resting up for that. It’s been ages since I saw her so that’ll be nice 🙂

Now I’m hungry so I need to ask Johan to make me some food. I just hope he doesn’t complain too much. One day I’ll fix my sleeping pattern but apparently not today.

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