Tablet Trouble

Been awake since last night so very tired. Morning carer didn’t come into the flat (door was unlocked and she’s meant to have keys anyway) so didn’t have a care call this morning. Johan had just got out of the shower so couldn’t get the door when she knocked on the door. We thought it it must have been for another flat or something.

Managed to soft brick my tablet trying to install a new rom. It was stuck in a boot loop and I couldn’t even get into recovery so had to go on puter for a bit to fix it. Sorted now but I hope not to do that again any time soon. Once I’ve finished configuring my apps again I’m going to take a backup and try not to break recovery so I can use it if I need to. I’m still pretty pleased I was able to fix it without Johan’s help.

I had buttered toast this morning that tasted so good. I think I need to convince Johan he’s good at it so he’ll make me more 🙂 I’ve had too much fruit and veg the last few days so my digestive system has been more painful and bloaty than normal for me. One day I’ll learn they’re bad for Danni’s in anything other than small portions. They stay in my stomach longer than pretty much anything else as well.

Hopefully staying awake until 8pm will fix my sleeping pattern. I hope so as I’ve got stuff I want to do. If not then I at least hope I’ll be awake on Friday.

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