I can kinda speak again now, but only in a whisper. To get normal volume I feel like I’m shouting. Not ideal but better than nothing.

I’m writing this blog while on my way into Gateshead, at 11.30pm. Hoping that being out will make me feel a bit better as I’ve been miserable for a few days. It’s very bouncy and Johan is laughing at my typos.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon through to this afternoon asleep, with a couple of hours here and there in a drowsy state. It seems to have made me better physically at least. I’ve also made a new loom band bracelet that took a while but looks like a good design to adapt into a belt. For those who know loom band stuff, it’s a triple fishtail.

Tomorrow I see the CFS team. I’m hoping it goes well. Now in Tesco so it’s less bumpy, and there are broken Kindles again. I’m not buying my new one here 😛

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