Day 12 – Flu Jab

Using the it’s still the 12th somewhere in the world rule as my nap turned into a full sleep 😛

Woke up on Tuesday to really loud drilling upstairs. Unfortunately I also had sleep paralysis so there was nothing I could do make the noise hurt as much. I’ve told Johan to check on me next time as he’s able to pull me out of it. I did manage to move after a bit, but I felt horrendous.

After I’d calmed down the nurse arrived to give me my flu jab. Was done quickly but made me nonverbal for a few hours. Not a major issue just annoying especially when the carer was here.

Ended up asking Johan for all my as needed meds as still felt horrible with everything from the morning. Was just about to go to sleep when Sammie messaged and I ended up talking to her for a bit. I was planning on just napping then writing this blog post but slept through to this morning.

Right now my arm hurts and I feel rotten. Probably combination of flu jab and yesterday’s sensory overload. I think more nap is needed. Hopefully there won’t be more drilling from upstairs (I can hear work being done but it’s quieter up to now). I’m hoping to wake up again when Johan gets back from his volunteering.

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