A Quick Recap

I was going to write long posts about some of the below, but they’re not getting done so I’ll do a quick post with everything in.

I got married on 13th August to Johan. It was quiet and nice.

We went on our honeymoon to Durham for a couple of nights. It was quiet and nice.

I got enrolled at South Tyneside College to do AS Computing and Interface stuff. This was not quiet and nice (the enrolling process), as it involved arguments over funding, worrying about not being let onto the course, and similar. Luckily, my key worker Louise can work miracles, and it’s pretty much all sorted now. She argued to get me onto the course, to get the funding, she enrolled me so I didn’t have to travel to college for that, she’s sorting out my support, and she made me laugh lots while sorting things out today. Louise, thank you.

I start college on Monday. I’m in three times a week, probably Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The days suit me, especially since Wednesday is morning and Thursday is afternoon/evening (4.45pm-6.15pm). It means I can do Enrichment with Interface, which is bowling on Wednesday 😀

I’m genuinely happy, and have been for several months. It’s been over a decade since I was last as happy as this for as long 😀 I’m still crazy anxious though, and some days I can’t walk I’m that exhausted, but I’m adapting. Johan’s going to get muscles from pushing me 😛

I’m playing in Second Life again. Danni Ohara is at school at Oceanside Elementary. It’s fun. She’s also on trial with an adoptive family, who are brilliant and I like a lot 🙂

I’m not really playing WoW much at the moment, but will be doing so again soon, once I’m settled at college. I’m still looking forward to Cataclysm, and have decided to buy an online Blizzcon ticket 🙂

I play a lot of Audiosurf. It fits with my lack of concentration at the moment 🙂 I also play a lot of Facebook games 😛