Burn The World

Still tired. Still sleeping lots. Did manage to go to Asda today though, and now have more bras, a new pair of jeans (that fit properly, which means I can’t wear leggings underneath but they’re okay for warmer winter days) and a sparkly hat 😀 We also got some bread and cheese for lunch tomorrow, and some chocolate. Johan got a bin for next to his computer desk, and a pair of pirate slippers (he’s annoyed about having to go to the boys section for shoes, but I like it as I don’t have to pay VAT on them :P).

Tomorrow I have college. I also have tests to catch up with in Computing, so I’ll need to revise for them. There shouldn’t be anything too difficult in them (input, output and storage devices) but with the way my brain is at the moment I’m not taking anything for granted. I will be going in tomorrow, so need to get my clothes ready tonight.

Going to go on Facebook now for a bit, and also create my cyber-stalking page on here. I’ve only been meaning to do so since August…

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