Exhaustion crits for over 9000 (again)

Yes, I know I should be writing nice long posts on stuff that actually matters, like disability issues or what I think about Prince William getting married to Kate Middleton, but right now I can’t think properly, due to the nice combination of ME and a cold. I was hoping to go to Asda today, but I was just too tired. I dozed for a bit, and didn’t get up until late, but still I’m exhausted and my brain no worky. Maybe tomorrow, maybe sometime next week 😛

I also have realised I still haven’t finished setting this blog up properly. I hope to do some work on that tomorrow.

1 thought on “Exhaustion crits for over 9000 (again)

  1. Please don’t feel guilty about short posts. I haven’t blogged in a fortnight, haven’t written posts I promised to write, and I have no excuses. SO yell at me and not yourself if you’re going to be cross with anyone. 😛 Better stil, don’t be cross with anyone.

    *hugs* I hope you feel better soon.

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