Yay! College!

Made it to college today. Not only that, but was early enough to have my lunch and a chat in Interface. It was fun. Went to Computing and we had a test on output devices… where I wrote words and hoped that at least some of them made some sense in relation to the questions (if I fail, it was because I was off all last week :P). I also got my other test back, the one I thought I’d failed on. I got 28/35, and Simin says I’m on course for an A. I’m slightly confused (especially on how I got that high a score), but happy at the same time.

After Computing we had Enterprise, where I worked on the Interface website for a bit. I need to email/ask Nicola to see if I can steal some photos for the website, and also to ask her if she has any suggestions for content, as I want to it to be useful. Also, if she agrees, I want to get it a proper domain name and hand it over to the staff as a proper website for Interface.

Also in college, I found out more about the Christmas activities. There is going to be a Christmas party, and I’m allowed to invite one guest. My problem is that Vicky wants to come, but Johan has to take me to college and pick me up. I will speak to the people at college to see if we can sort something out. I will have to miss the first 45 minutes anyway, as I have Computing on that day (it’s a Thursday).

The journey home was mostly uneventful, though the lift at Monument was out of order so we had to jump back onto the Metro and get off at Haymarket. Oh, and I had a panic attack at Chichester because it was swarming with police.

Right now, I’m in Ice Crown Citadel, trying to kill the Lich King. I guess I best go back and shield people.

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