Deathy is Cute

This is a very short post because I’m still exhausted, and also in a lot of pain and not coping with it.

I made it to college today, and I don’t think I made a fool of myself in Computing. I chatted to my friend Sarah afterwards, got my lunch then attempted to nap in the chill out room (but couldn’t because all I could hear was the table tennis). Then I watched the fencing for a bit then went on my laptop, then came home, buying a hoody on the way.

Since I got home I watched the WoW Insider stream then played Facebook games. I also received my Deathy pet, so I logged into WoW for a few minutes to collect it.

Now I’m about to go to bed. Luckily I’m only in college for Computing tomorrow evening, so plenty of time to sleep and maybe even do my homework. Here’s hoping.

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