WTB Greater Heal, will pay 5000g!

My World of Warcraft character currently has 5620 gold, so if someone can give me a (real life) Greater Heal then I will be very grateful, and still have 600 gold left.

I’m still ill, though slightly better than yesterday. I didn’t go to college today, but I am going next Monday, even if Johan has to take me in my pyjamas (I’m rather stubborn). It probably helps though that half my pyjamas consist of t-shirt + plain bottoms, and I’d have to chuck on a pair of trousers as my legs freeze in the wheelchair. Of course, getting dressed before leaving the house will be preferable.

I am worried about the work I’ve missed. Also, because I was sick last night after taking my medication I didn’t absorb all of it, so my head has been really noisy and I’ve been rather emotional today. The emotional bit isn’t helped by feeling so crappy.

I was in World of Warcraft this evening, and we were in Trial of the Crusader. Very easy instance, and I managed to do nearly half the healing most fights. In the middle of it, my GM ticket about stuff was answered, and I got angry- not so much with the GM as with Blizzard, and their completely unfair thinking. My original issue was that in Ironforge, the pre-Cataclysm elemental event was broken, with the rifts during the city invasion not showing up. He told me this would be fixed before the end of the event, so that was good. While I was waiting for the reply, we had an issue where Icehowl in TotC couldn’t be skinned, as the level required has been upped to 470. This isn’t fair, as you can’t get level 470 until Cataclysm, and Icehowl is a Wrath boss (the highest Wrath level is 450, which is what used to be required). Cataclysm isn’t even out yet. The GM said that it was because of the Cataclysm (which hasn’t happened yet, and doesn’t affect Northrend) and it’s not going to be fixed. This is really unfair, and I’m angry. Arg.

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