Project 365: Day 57: 13th August 2011–Bar Camp Day One

Danni at Bar Camp

Two big things today. The first one is it being our first wedding anniversary! 😀

The second was BarCamp North East 4. I’d loved the previous two, so we thought it would be nice to go for our anniversary (as well as because we’re geeks and generally like it anyway). It did mean we had our anniversary announced during the introduction 😛

Day 1 was a lot of fun. The picture is of me just after watching a presentation (Handy Tools for IT Pros I think- either that or the Hack Day one). I had warned people that if I was lying randomly on the floor, I was fine 😛 The bean bag made it quite comfortable really.

Other sessions I enjoyed were How To Win At Hack Day (which really made me want to get on with my coding so I can enter things like that), How Big Is The Internet (which was really interesting what I saw of it, but I came in late so missed the beginning), and suggestions for Rescuing Mr Duck (who is stuck down a long hole/shelf thing…).

The food was good (plenty of salad and ham and stuff for sticking to Slimming World… right up until I ate the sweets- well, it is my anniversary), then fish and chips where I ate the fish without batter :P) and then it was onto the evening sessions: Presentation Karaoke, Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog, and Torchwood in the cinema. It was awesome 😀

We were originally planning to stay there overnight, but we thought it was probably best to come home and sleep on proper beds. We are planning on going back in the morning 🙂

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