A Long Day

Today has been an interesting day. I woke up about 6.30am, being properly awake by about 7.3oam. This is becoming normal for me, though I do miss being a night owl a bit. Will be good for Friday morning, though. I had to wake Johan up as he’d put his doctors appointment in the calendar for 8.50am and he takes ages to wake up because of his mirtazapine.

Got Johan up (yay cuddles) and he went to the doctors surgery, where he discovered his appointment was for 9.50am, not 8.50am. This caused him to panic, though I helped him calm down with more cuddles. Sent him out again at 9.40am, then got increasingly anxious and panicky while he was gone, worrying about him :p (I’d recently been going to his appointments with him as he found it easier with me there, but I’m too ill to do that now). He was fine, though had a bit of an anxiety attack. We had more cuddles, and things were okay.

The carer’s association people came in the afternoon, and that went okay. Johan got an email from my social worker in the middle of it which made me angry (the agency have been lying to him). Things are hopefully going to improve as the carer’s association people are going to help Johan with stuff and have told him about a digital photography group he can go to, which would be good for him.

This evening we had Chinese, as I was craving won tons (I had won ton soup and crispy won tons :p). I also managed to go into World of Warcraft for the first time in a few days, which was cool. Our friend Bluesapphire  has been made guild master, which is awesome as she was basically running the guild anyway 🙂 Sammie’s Nintendo 3DS also arrived, and I can confirm it is very pink 🙂

Oh, and today I actually managed to get dressed :p In clean pyjamas now. Little things like that make me happy.


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  1. I’m not surprised that the agency were lying to your social worker – it fits the pattern of everything else. I hope he will be more helpful once he knows the truth about things.

    I’m very glad the carers’ association can help Johan.

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