Rambling without Walking

Today has been a bad day physically. I have been a lot weaker and felt a lot more ill than normal. I am not sure if this is payback from last week or something else. Apart from needing Johan to feed me (too weak/uncoordinated to manage a fork) and to hold me up on the toilet though I have been mostly okay just lying in bed. I also had a long nap.

Twitter has kept me company. I can still type, though it feels harder than normal (the keys keep refusing to go down for me), I can manage my tablet by resting it on stuff, and helping it fall into place to move it. So I have spent most of the day talking to friendly people. I am wanting to get a pet- probably a small caged animal, though I have to research whether it will be suitable and whether I will be able to look after it properly. It wouldn’t be until after Christmas anyhow.

Johan is rambling on about converting and tagging music. I am making noises when it seems appropriate, since my brain is too foggy to understand what he’s going on about. He does have permission to talk at me though 🙂

It has been weird not having to worry about who is going to turn up today, but also kind of freeing. It meant I felt okay about falling asleep an hour before they’d normally turn up, as I used to feel guilty to do that as they wouldn’t be able to do any personal care (and most of them wouldn’t do any housework, so there was no point in them coming).

We have no commitments or anything to worry about until Tuesday, when Johan goes to the doctor and the carer’s association people come here to try and sort things out. This is good. I think I will be resting lots and just doing what I can manage when I can manage it.

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