Since I can’t be bothered to type it again, here’s what I posted on a forum about yesterday:

Made it to the hospital yesterday in a taxi, but got really ill during the appointment from sitting up and they sent me to A+E. Limbs jerking themselves around, and ended up halfway down my wheelchair held in by the seatbelt around my chest. Not comfy.

Things calmed down once they let me lie down and rest for a bit, then they sent me home sitting up in an ambulance, which was pure torture. Managed it (only scaring the ambulance man a little bit), and the ambulance men carried me upstairs and to my bed, and I slept a few hours afterwards.

Johan and I have agreed I’m not leaving the flat again until I’m back to the functioning level I was at the beginning of September, where I could sit up for a few hours without getting worse, as that’s what is needed if I want to go anywhere. If I lived in a ground floor flat I’d just get a reclining wheelchair and be done with it, but we don’t and we’ve not heard from the housing for a while.

The dentist doctor (I’m sure she has a proper name) came to see me in A+E and said that as I’m too ill for even the assessment the anaesthetist won’t give me a general anaesthetic, so I won’t be able to have my tooth removed (sedation and local anaesthetics don’t work for me). I’ve been trying to put up with it for a year now, so I guess I’ll just be going on lots of antibiotics and begging my doctor for painkillers that work on toothache, since tramadol doesn’t work.

I’m a little upset because I know that if I’d been allowed to be transported lying down, none of this would have happened. It’s just sitting up my body dislikes, and it has its ways of showing this. Hopefully staying at home and resting for the next few weeks/months will help.

That’s mostly it. Today I’ve watched Catreina play Skyrim,  bought Oblivion on Steam, failed to get it working on my laptop, and slept a lot while Johan went to the MetroCentre (he prefers going out when I’m asleep, so if there’s a fire I’ll burn to death :p). On Saturday it is our friend Colin’s wedding, and I’m not well enough to go :'( I’m sending Johan though, and getting him to take lots of photos so I can see what he’s wearing (and also see his family :p). I never thought Colin would be the type to get married (and to have kids, since his fiancée has some) but he has matured a lot since he was throwing mouse mats at lecturers in college a few years ago. His fiancée is lovely though, so I’m hoping they’re very happy together 🙂

Edit: It really helps to press publish, silly Danni.

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