Brain Fail

I want to blog. I have lots of subjects I want to blog about, and even a couple of drafts. My brain its not cooperating with me though so it’s hard for me to write.

I enjoyed Christmas. I’m mostly over the relapse that made me very ill, and back to my “normal” level of functioning. I’m completely nocturnal at the moment, but that’s okay as I have no real need to be awake during the day. I’m sleeping when I’m sleepy, eating when I’m hungry (including lots of chocolate, but it is Christmas), sitting at my computer when I feel up to it and generally listening to my body. I’m also happy.

Facebook is feeling too much for me at the moment. I’m playing a bit of The Sims Social, but trying to keep up with my friend’s statuses is just confusing me. I’m managing Twitter better though, so if you like you can follow me on there @Dannilion.

I know I’ve said this lots recently, but thank you to my friends for being there for me. I really do appreciate it. Thank you also to Johan, who has been doing a remarkable job of looking after me, both during and after this relapse.

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