Sleepy Danni

I am still sleeping lots. Johan is taking advantage of this to go out in the afternoons when I am sleeping. He went to see The Avengers which he says is very good. I would like to go see it myself but that is not going to be possible unless I improve lots 🙁

I have managed a bit more computer time where I played World of Warcraft, but both times I have overdone it and had to lie down very quickly. This morning I had a bit of a moan about not being able to do what I want to do because I’m too ill, and Johan was very understanding. I also felt very guilty as I know that there are people who are doing loads worse than I am but Johan told me that was silly and that no-one should have to deal with M.E at any level. He is right.

In World of Warcraft Danni got a Darkmoon Cub this morning so that is good. I am trying to get 150 pets on her before Pandaland comes out, and I currently have 131 I think. If I get close to the expansion and I’m not fully there I will buy some on the auction house (I already have most of the cheap ones) and there are also some real life money ones that I can get as well, and I think Johan was wanting to get me one as a present. There are some Argent Tournament ones I still need to get and some Horde ones that I could maybe get using Catalia and Johan’s account. I shall look into it and see what I can do.

M.E awareness week starts tomorrow so I’m hoping to do some blog posts for that. I’m not sure exactly what yet but I will have something for M.E awareness day on the 12th. I was hoping to blog everyday during the week but that may not happen if I sleep too much or am too brain foggy. Doing these types of blog posts doesn’t take much mental energy compared to writing about important things where I have to make sure I get facts right and stuff.

My trousers were not delivered on Thursday. This made me angry and upset as they didn’t even try to deliver them (they claimed to have left a card but none could be found, and our doorbell is very loud and wakes me up so I know they never rang it). I sent the delivery company an email saying this to them and they delivered them on Saturday instead. They are very nice though a little bit short when sitting down. That is okay though as I’ll just wear some nice socks with them 🙂 We have worked out to get the proper length trousers for me sitting down I need 40″ inside leg which is very long. I may get one nice pair tailor made at some point when my weight has stabilised a bit more so I have some proper smart trousers I can wear. Until then though my new purple ones are awesome and not scratchy 🙂

I want a television in my bedroom. Currently am not well enough to lie on the sofa (tried- it made things worse) but I can manage some television watching so when I can I’m watching some on my laptop, but as my overbed table is still not here (our old next door neighbours have kept hold of it and other stuff for us- we’re trying to organise getting them here) it is a bit awkward on the bed as it is too heavy for me to have on me for more than a very short period of time. Of course a television for my bedroom is quite low priority but it would be nice to have. I already have a unit that it will go on and know where to put it. Johan is also agreeing that I should have a television in my bedroom since I spend so much time in here. What I like to do is have the television on with something that’s not too difficult to cope with, like reality shows (though not singing ones) and then be on twitter or something like that on my tablet as well as I cannot concentrate that well. I also want to watch some films again at some point- the X Men films, try the Star Wars films to see if I like them this time, I want to see Happy Feet 2 and the Hunger Games once it is out on DVD since I won’t get to see it at the cinema.

I am in a lot of pain despite taking two tramadol (I did manage a short time with just one but then I overdid it on the computer- silly Danni) so I think I’m going to try and nap as I am also very tired. I just hope the nightmares aren’t as bad as this mornings.

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