Bah Relapse

I’m relapsing again. Back to dark room, sunglasses and lowest brightness on tablet to be able to communicate, can’t cope with noise.

Unable to use commode as can’t move enough. I hate the bedpan but have no choice. Exhausting to use.

Got breathless from eating a banana. Chewing was really hard work. Luckily got some pureed meals in and yoghurts and jelly. Will manage.

Doctor wants to see me next week. May need to ask for home visit as painkillers aren’t helping. Everything hurts way more than normal.

Neighbours partly caused this. Cleaner and carer been very concerned, so cleaner contacted the housing for us. Estate officer coming out next week.

Johan doing his best to look after me. Have Penguin and Penelope as well as can’t cope with Johan for too long.

Can still roll over, still use my tablet, still drink and use the bedpan. Positives. I’ll get through this.

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