Penelope Penguin

Been trying to blog but it not happening. Even Twitter and Facebook been very hard work.

Got a new microwaveable penguin. Her name is Penelope, or Penny for short. Has been good for heat.

Got friends over. Tis nice, except when I can’t cope with people. That be frustrating.

Got new soft pyjamas. Also some slipper sock things I can wear instead of shoes in chair.

Gonna get an electric wheelchair in 3-6 months, hopefully. Also a manual that fits. Both tilt in space.

Went to library. It is awesome. Got some books, not read them yet. They have cake.

Asda got my favourite ice lollies in again. Hurts my hands to hold them as heavy but very nommy.

Saw Olympics. Was good. Not seen Paralympics yet, but want to. Doctor Who was good but weird.

Had first paralysis for a few months. Was bad. Triggered by doorbell. Will need to see about getting doorbell replaced.

Playing games on puter when can. Fun. Distraction from pain and illness feeling. New patch in World of Warcraft means got to try and learn again when not able to learn. Scary.

Got no voice today. Don’t know why. Very frustrating.

Found shop in MetroCentre that sells ponies. Got a few Twilight Sparkles, a couple of Raritys, a few Rainbow Dash, an Apple Jack. Johan has Fluttershys and a Twilight Sparkle. I likes ponies.

Getting tired. Will post this now and work on other posts when feeling up to it.

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