Ouchy Tummy

Tummy is being extra ouchy at the moment. Yesterday I was stuck in bed but today I went into the living room and played WoW, and moaned while the realms were down for maintenance (and got grouchy and sad when it took longer than it was meant to, as I was in pain and wanted to play to distract myself).

Matilda (my desktop computer) had been freezing up and things but it seems to be fixed now. We think the SATA controller couldn’t handle 4 drives when one is a super fast SSD, as disconnecting one of the drives has helped. It did prompt me to sort out my WoW addons, which I’d been meaning to do for a while. Will need to go into an instance or scenario to see if it still plays random Mario music on boss fights though (I thought I’d removed the addon that did that ages ago but it still played afterwards).

Sleepy now as woke up late last night but I wanted to try and push my sleeping time back in an attempt to sort out my sleeping pattern, but it’s dark so can sleep now. Johan is going out to the Autism North East social tonight and he worries less if I’m sleeping, so now to try it. Penguins are helping a bit with my tummy pain as Johan heated them up for me 🙂

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